Started on July 1, 20222 Days

The NDL Novice Diver qualification allows to:

•Plan, conduct and register non-decompression dives performed with one’s buddy and accompanied by a professional, using the appropriate gear, as well as the knowledge and skills obtained during the training process.

•The maximum recommended descent depth is 12 meters.

•Rent any underwater gear and receive other services related to diving.

•Improve the scuba diver qualification in the NDL Diver course.

Minimum participation age: 15 years old.

Maximum depth: 12 meters.

Number of classroom sessions: 5.

Number of practical units in confined water: 5.

Number of practical units in open water: 2.

Requirements to the level of program participants: N/A.

Requirements to the level of an NDL instructor: NDL Instructor Rank 2 and above in active status.

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